Grasping Global Poverty

Grasping Global Poverty  was founded to support a broader notion of “donor education” ~ designed to serve the information needs of not only traditional philanthropists, but all individuals who contribute to international development efforts by virtue of paying taxes and paying attention.  We believe:

  • Poverty is linked to an array of micro and macro issues – the small and the big and the in-between– and thus the solutions to poverty must hit on all levels.  All talents and approaches are welcome at the table.
  • By simply learning about global poverty, and going on to educate others, readers join a large and diverse international community committed to alleviating the plight of the world’s poor.  This makes the world a better (and safer) place for all.
  • The subject of poverty need not be approached from a place of guilt, apathy, or despair.  Knowledge can inspire meaningful action, activism, and advocacy in manageable doses.

See About Cate Biggs for information on the impetus for this blog and the larger philosophy behind it.


One response to “Grasping Global Poverty

  1. Hi,

    My name My name is Leslie Zane and I’m currently consulting with The Tech Museum’s The Tech Awards/ program.

    Aside from various programming projects, I’ve been asked to look into starting a speakers series at The Tech – preferably hosting speakers who embody The Tech Award’s mission which is to honor innovators from around the world who are applying technology to benefit humanity.

    I was curious if Cate Biggs would be interested in speaking at The Tech about global education. I think it imperative that we do not skip the international news these days and arm ourselves with information so we can have informed discussions in our communities.

    Since this is a brand new venture (and as such, we have no funding) I’m not sure of the logistics in formalizing a series of speakers.

    Right now I’m contacting local individuals and/or organizations that represent what The Tech Awards is about.

    Thanks for your time.

    Leslie Zane

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