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  1. Hi Cate, One of my board members turned me onto World Savvy and it led me to your work. Your powerpoint presentation on the 5 p’s is terrific! Would it be possible for us to post it on our website for educators to use? I’m the Founder of an all volunteer grassroots nonprofit based on the Peninsula. The African Library Project starts small libraries in sub Saharan Africa by coordinating book drives throughout the U.S. Part of our core mission is educating Americans about Africa throughout the book drive process. You can check the Resources section of our website to see where we would put your Powerpoint. We’ve created 486 libraries in the past 4 years and have a goal of 300 for 2010. I’d love to offer your clear and compelling tool to educators that are coordinating book drives and would like to deepen students understanding of why Africans need access to the basic tools of literacy.

    • Thanks for getting in touch, Chris! Absolutely – please put the link on your site – that would be great! You can link directly to the PPT using the URL for that page. I can’t wait to check out your organization’s site – it sounds fabulous! Let’s stay connected…

  2. Cate
    We have launched a Global Learning Framework site that has recieved international attention and on it something that is called a Global Learing Community Center. You can see the 4C Initiative webinar on it in the Forum.
    I think you will find some interesting reading on it.
    Great work you are doing… be encouraged
    Chrysalis Campiagn

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